Everything Happens For A Reason

"You'll never be old && wise if you aren't young && crazy"

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Anonymous asked: so i know you obviously ship camren, but i'm curious as to what you think is real/has happened? like what do you believe has happened/is happening between them? or do you know nothing has happened and you just really enjoy the ship? did this make sense???


uhm i don’t think it was like “real” in a way that they’ve dated/are dating but like they’ve got a super close connection ever since xfactor (i mean becoming friends on the first day of boot camp?? amazing) and like they share a lot of similarities so obviously they’re really close and have a bond that no one else in the group has ((maybe))

and in the more feelings field between them i don’t know if they’ve ever felt something toward each other but i don’t think both of them have felt completely platonic about each other??? like not totally saying one had romantic feelings for the other but it’s like more than platonic less than romantic (idk the word for that) ((idk it’s hard to describe and i don’t know their own feelings about each other but i’d never have /platonic/ friend feelings toward someone i connected with so well (but thats just me and they’re not me))) basically what i’m saying is that maybe (use this super heavily) one of them considered the probability of dating one another

but i mean like who has ever felt completely platonic about someone who they’ve connected with since day one and share the same interests and music taste and hometown and etc?? ((if they’re both the type of people to like people for their souls/interests/minds not their sex)

but yeah i really do enjoy the ship a lot i love them both and they make me happy and they make me even more happy when they interact bc they’re literally the reason why i created a 5h blog and crap

Pretty Little Liars - Gag Reel

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inspired by:x

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make me choose: quinntana or quinntina

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(bc i saw this post my dash and omg i’m not the only one that thought i saw a deer in headlights look):

"do you think you’d ever come out-" *dianna gulps and looks right* "-with your own album"

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Me reblogging this is my contribution to earth day

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what do lesbians do when they’re both on their period

finger paint


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"You were right, I have been selfish and I dragged into my stupid plan against your will."

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Quinn sent Rachel flowers!

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